15 Family Photoshoot Ideas

I love family photos–taking them and styling my home with them.

Family photoshoots are fun and exciting for every kind of family. Each photoshoot is an opportunity to capture the different personalities, quirks, and dynamics of your family. It’s also a fantastic way to make memories. 

But family photoshoots can also be a challenge, especially with younger kids. Proper planning and preparation are key to a successful family photo shoot. Take it from a mama who’s done her fair share. This is why, today, I’m sharing a round-up of ideas that you can consider for your next family photoshoot!

15 Family Photoshoot Ideas

Family Photoshoot Ideas list

Christmas Family Photoshoot Ideas

Baking Cookies

Whether baking cookies and decorating them for the holidays is a tradition in your family or not, this is a great way to capture memories with a family photoshoot. This idea works great for families with kids of all ages. 

For the best pictures, encourage everyone to act like the camera isn’t there. Let your kids (and your kitchen) get dirty as you bake and decorate a slew of Christmas cookies. It’ll make for authentic photos that capture the fun spirit of your family. If you want, you can even don some holiday-themed aprons!

Decorating The Tree

Here’s another great photoshoot idea for when you don’t want to have to worry about coming up with family photo poses. Decorating the tree is a classic Christmas festivity that involves the whole family. 

There will be plenty of photo ops as each member of your family strategically places ornaments all over the tree. It’s up to you to decide who gets to finish the job with a spectacular tree topper!

By The Fireplace

It’s hard to beat the feeling of cuddling up by the fire with your family as you celebrate the holiday season. For an easy Christmas family shoot, have everyone cozy up in front of the fire with a book or a few mugs of hot chocolate. Decorate the mantle to create an even more festive backdrop. 

You don’t have to hire a professional to capture great pictures. You can snap a few memorable pictures of your kids in front of the fireplace, even if you don’t have any experience with photography, using one of the best cameras for beginners.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Ideas

Family Picnic

Even if your family doesn’t ordinarily enjoy picnics in the park, the experience makes for a great family photoshoot opportunity. 

The key to making the most of a picnic photo shoot is to actually enjoy the experience and allow the photographer to snap candid pictures. Lay out a blanket, sit down together, and chow down on classic picnic fare like sandwiches and fresh fruit. Don’t forget props like a picnic basket or a mini table.

Studio Family Portraits

If classic posed pictures are more your style, consider booking an in-studio family portrait session. In addition to professional lighting, a photo studio offers plain backgrounds that ensure your family members will be the sole focus of each picture. This is a great way to eliminate the stress of arranging a photo shoot for a large family. 

For the best results, coordinate colors and styles that look good together. Avoid wild patterns and bright, bold colors. Instead, mix and match soft, neutral colors. 

Playing In The Snow

This is one of my favorite outdoor family picture ideas! Gather everyone together for a snowball fight or to make snow angels. Encourage the whole family to build a snowman. You can even grab a snow sled for some action-packed fun that can translate to great pictures.

Don’t worry about coordinating outfits for this photoshoot. You’ll want to make sure everyone is bundled up in the right clothes to play with the snow. Don’t forget the warm hats and waterproof gloves, especially for the young children in your family!

Ice Skating

If you have an ice skating rink nearby, consider setting up a photoshoot there. You don’t have to be an advanced ice skater to create memorable family photo sessions on ice. Some of the best pictures come from family members of all ages simply holding hands and attempting to glide across the ice!

At The Playground

A playground makes a great setting for family photos. There are plenty of opportunities for fantastic photos as your family runs, climbs, and slides on the playground equipment. 

What I especially love about this family photoshoot idea is that it works year-round. If the sun is shining and your kids have energy to burn, head to the playground for a wonderful family photoshoot!

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Indoor Family Photoshoot Ideas

In Bed

You don’t even have to get out of bed for this indoor family photoshoot idea! Cozy up together in your favorite pajamas and have a photographer capture the precious moment.

These family portrait ideas work especially well for families considering newborn photography at home. There’s no need to take your infant out of their comfort zone when you can snap gorgeous family photos right where they are most comfortable. 

On The Staircase

If you have a large family, lining everyone up on the staircase in your home is a great way to include everyone in the photos. You can place everyone according to their age, with the youngest ones sitting on the bottom few steps, or you can have extended family members pose with their immediate family. 

To ensure this idea turns out as good as you hope, some of the best-extended family photoshoot outfit ideas utilize neutral colors. Encourage everyone to follow the same color scheme so that the pictures don’t look too busy.

Seasonal Family Photoshoot Ideas

Pumpkin Patch 

Family photos at a pumpkin patch might seem a little overdone, but there’s a reason they’re among the most popular fall family photoshoot ideas. The fall foliage and rows of vibrant orange pumpkins make for a gorgeous backdrop, and you don’t have to do anything to put it together. 

For this family photoshoot idea, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is deciding what to wear. Although, if you ask me, you can never go wrong with neutrals. You can also have each member of your family dress up in different shades of fall colors. However, for a photo shoot at a pumpkin patch, comfort is key. You want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves while they’re there!


Does your family participate in annual Easter egg hunts? Or maybe you hide eggs for kids to find in your backyard on Easter Sunday? This fun tradition is a great opportunity for a family photoshoot.

Snap plenty of photos of your family in their Sunday best, then capture as many pictures as you can of your kids darting around the yard in search of little treasures. 

Fourth Of July

Several aspects of the Fourth of July holiday are great for capturing memories on camera. Host a family BBQ, decorate the yard with American flags, and maybe even light some fireworks (sparklers tend to photograph best).

Plus, you can come up with fantastic summer family photoshoot outfit ideas using fun red, white, and blue clothes. 

Fun Family Photoshoot Ideas

Sports-Themed Family Pictures

If you’re part of a sports-loving family, why not incorporate that into a family photoshoot? You can go all-out and dress up in team jerseys while competing against each other. You can also play a friendly game of catch or kick a ball around your yard. Or you can keep it simple and pose with props like sporting equipment.

No matter how you do it, this is a great idea for a fun family photoshoot that can capture one of your family’s favorite hobbies.

Dancing In The Rain

Whoever said you have to stay inside on a rainy day? When the sky turns gray and rain begins to fall, that’s a great time to head outside

For a fun family photoshoot idea, put on some rain boots and rain jackets and go get drenched in the rain! You can snap some amazing photos of your kids jumping in the puddles or you can get creative with some reflection photos for a unique twist on family portraits.

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Which family photo ideas are your favorite?

Which family photoshoot idea do you think would work best for your family? Did you recently try an idea that I didn’t mention? Share in the comments! I want to hear from you!

Then, for more fun family ideas, head over to the blog.

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