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12 Toddler Room Decor Ideas

It’s always a little bittersweet; the moment that you realize your little one is ready to upgrade from a nursery to a toddler room. As a mom of four, I’m all too familiar with the feeling and I also know just how much fun it is to create a space that matches their blossoming personality!

Creating a toddler room means designing a space that can help encourage them to transition to their own space and embrace independence. There are a ton of different ways to decorate a toddler room. Even with your toddler’s unique traits and interests in mind, it can be hard to know how to create the perfect toddler bedroom for them. 

With this in mind, I’m sharing ideas that will hopefully inspire you to decorate your toddler’s room and design a space that they will love. 

12 Toddler Room Decor Ideas

Toddler Room Decor Ideas

Pretty Pink Toddler Room

This is such an adorable idea for a toddler who is into anything and everything pink. Embrace your little one’s sweet and girly side by designing the ultimate pink bedroom. You can stick to one shade of pink or incorporate several different shades. 

For the walls, consider painting them pure pink or rose blush. You could even use pretty pink wallpaper to make an accent wall. 

Some adorable decor items for a pretty pink toddler room include:

Sports-Themed Toddler Room

Is your toddler already showing an interest in sports? Why not lean into their love of the game with a sports-themed bedroom? Whether it’s baseball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, etc., there are countless ways to design a toddler room they will love.

You can keep the walls a neutral color and put up wall decals like these custom name decals or these giant baseball stitches

To decorate a sports-themed toddler room, incorporate some of these items: 

Whimsy Toddler Room

Think of a whimsy toddler room as one that is excessively extravagant but in a playful way. It incorporates a lot of fun and fancy details that, together, create a space straight out of a children’s book. 

To create the ultimate whimsy toddler room, start with colorful wallpaper. Wallpaper like this foral-inspired one or nature-inspired one would be perfect, especially with a board and batten wall. I especially adore this whimsical toddler bed!

From there, you can add whimsical decor pieces that catch your eye (or your toddler’s). Consider items such as:

Boho Toddler Room

Boho decor is really popular right now, especially in modern home decor, and it works great in a toddler room. It uses a more neutral color scheme and incorporates a lot of muted tones and natural elements. 

Like the other toddler bedroom themes on this list, there’s no wrong way to decorate a boho-themed room. You can start with a big kid bed like this rattan twin bed, then add boho pieces like:

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Toddler Room

How adorable are those decals in the picture above? If your little one is into vehicles, why not dive in with a planes, trains, and automobiles theme for their bedroom? In addition to fun wall decals, you can add the following pieces to make a space they’ll love:

Zoo-Themed Toddler Room

Does your toddler go wild every time they visit the zoo? Why not bring the zoo to them? There are so many fun ways to bring this adorable theme to life! 

You can decorate the walls with these fun decals or put up wallpaper to create a mesmerizing mural to really wow your little one. 

Some of my favorite zoo-themed decor pieces include:

Toddler Room Decor Ideas

Rainbow Toddler Room

The key to pulling off a rainbow toddler room is to use more muted colors, rather than bold, bright hues that can be overwhelming in a small space. 

Some great ways to decorate the walls in a rainbow toddler room are to put up a large rainbow decal or pick one color for an accent wall, then add fun elements such as:

Vintage Toddler Room

Do you have a love for all things vintage? Consider creating a vintage toddler room! There are a ton of different ways to decorate a vintage-themed bedroom. 

To really “set the mood,” I’d start with off-white paint for the walls or maybe add some wallpaper. From there, you can add some antique furniture and other vintage elements you want to pull the whole space together.

Some great vintage-themed decor pieces you can use in a toddler bedroom include:

Rustic Toddler Room

A rustic toddler room combines boho and vintage elements to create a theme reminiscent of a countryside estate. Farmhouse decor is really popular right now, so this is a great way to welcome the aesthetic into your toddler’s new space.

To decorate your toddler’s room with a rustic theme, consider using some of these pieces:

Book-Themed Toddler Room

If your toddler loves to read (or you want to encourage them to enjoy books as much as you do) consider a book theme for their new bedroom! 

There are several fun ways to use this theme. You can cover the walls with bookshelves and add a reading nook, or you can decorate the space with characters from their favorite books. Remember, the idea is to create a space where your toddler can feel comfortable and inspired. 

Some decor ideas include:

Nature-Themed Toddler Room

Does your toddler love spending time outside? You can bring the great outdoors inside by creating a fun nature-themed toddler room. Consider using a color scheme that incorporates different shades of green and brown, then add fun decor pieces such as:

Space-Themed Toddler Room

Up, up, and away! A space-themed toddler room is a great idea for any enthusiastic little explorer! This theme is pretty easy to pull off too. Just paint one or more walls dark navy blue, then add space-themed wall decals

Add a few of these neat decor pieces to create a space that’s truly out of this world!

toddler room decor idea

Which toddler room decor idea was your favorite?

I’d love to know which idea you’d love to use in your own home! Share your favorite theme in the comments below! Also, if you’re considering another idea I didn’t mention, tell me about it!

Then, head over to the blog for more home ideas as well as tips and tricks on all things related to motherhood and family life.

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