Meet Angela. A creative & mother of 4. 

Hi, I’m Angela. I created this blog when I found myself as an uninspired and jaded stay-at-home-mom after quitting my job as a professor of writing. As a creative who loves photography and writing, being home all day with the kids without an outlet was more difficult than imagined. Yet I didn’t have a choice to work outside of the home because my first daughter Elise began showing signs of developmental delay by the age of one. Due to her various special needs, finding reliable outside childcare wasn’t an option, and I found myself stuck in a situation that didn’t suit my personality and identity. Eventually I’ll discover that this unforeseen turn of events was a blessing in disguise.

As we were struggling to discover her diagnosis (she was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 at age 5) I became pregnant with my second daughter Tess. The two back-to-back pregnancies, long periods of isolation, dealing with my daughter’s genetic condition and my husband’s busy work hours put me in depression which eventually led me to hours of therapy, anti-depressants and a complete re-evaluation of myself, my life and my dreams.

You can read about my earlier journey here.

Eventually I was able to find healing and hope through blogging and connecting with other moms both online and offline- and since then, I’ve gone on to have two more kids, a boy named Declan and girl named Gia, who light up my world.

So yes- things DO get better with a little bit of work and a lot of self-discovery and love.

Where I am now: Happy mother, full-time blogger, mom boss, busy wife, sister to many 

Over the years, this blog has evolved to a place of inspiration, reflection and empowerment for mothers who raise their children with authenticity and intention. If you’re looking for another seasoned mom who understands and validates your complex feelings in motherhood or if you’re simply looking for a mommy friend, you found the right girl.

Through this blog, I found my true passion and soul calling. Today I’m featured in websites like Popsugar, Healthline and, tell my stories through photography + words on Instagram, and work with notable lifestyle brands to introduce latest products and services that add value to my readers and their families.

I’m fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, and I’m passionate about sharing blogging tips with others, especially moms who wish to work from home. You can find my popular blogging tips here. 

I hope you read through my blog and get to know me and my family better. For business inquiries, please email my team at

I’m glad you’re here. If we haven’t connected already, please find me at Instagram where you can see what I’m up to daily. If you feel inclined to do so, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!