Ep 22: 8 Tips For New Mothers

8 Tips For New Mothers


Ep 22: 8 Tips For New Mothers

Whew, this year just doesn’t get any easier does it friends? I’m feeling a lot of nervousness and anxiety about our country’s current state and life in general. As hard as it is, I also believe this is a collective awakening and a time of transformation for many of us. All of these emotions that we are feeling is a lot like motherhood, especially when you become a mom for the first time. 

Motherhood affects us in ways that we could never anticipate. The surprising thing is that this new role often changes every aspect of your life – your priorities, your inner thoughts, and your relationship with your partner, friends, and other family members. Today I want to share my best tips for new mothers. Even if you aren’t a mom yet, or even if you’re already a mom of two, three, or four kids…I think you’ll find this advice useful. 

In this episode I cover:

  • where mom guilt stems from
  • why perfection is unnecessary 
  • accepting that it’s normal for old friendships to fall away once you enter motherhood
  • learning to be okay with what’s out of our control

What are your favorite tips for new mothers? Screenshot this episode, tag me on IG, and let me know! We can all learn from each other.

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