EP 2: My Postpartum Depression + Anxiety Story And How I Overcame It

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EP 2: My Postpartum Depression + Anxiety Story And How I Overcame It

Get comfortable, because I’m about to share my story from a very challenging time in my life. This episode is all about my struggle with postpartum depression, and how I got through it. If you have experienced postpartum depression and/or anxiety, I hope this gives you hope that you can overcome it.

Postpartum depression is so common, yet it’s something that still isn’t talked about enough. I always say that I just wish someone would have shared their experience with me while I was going through depression after becoming a mom. It would have made all the difference. With that being said, please know you can always reach out to me on Instagram @mommydiary. I am happy to connect and help you through it. I also recommend talking to your doctor if you feel that you might have postpartum depression.

In this episode I talk about:

  • My story of postpartum depression and anxiety
  • My experience with being on antidepressants
  • Symptoms of PPD and anxiety
  • Tips on overcoming PPD

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