Photomath: A Learning App That Makes Math Fun And Easy

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Homework is so different from what it used to be when I was a kid, especially when it comes to math. My teen daughter began learning using Common Core Math since elementary school which I always found confusing! 

Photomath Learning App

Photomath Learning App

As my kids are getting older, they’re asking me for help with their assignments, and none of it looks like what it used to back in my day. If you struggle to help your kids with their math homework like I do, I have the perfect solution for you: Photomath, a mobile application that solves math problems with clear steps and detailed instructions right from your smartphone.

From basic elementary math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics to even word problems, Photomath provides a step-by-step guide on how to solve each problem so your kids spend less time stressing and more time crushing and learning the problem. 

How to use Photomath Learning App

Why Photomath is useful for your kids

1. Ease of Use 



I like Photomath because it’s simple to use. You simply download the app from an App Store, open the app and scan the math problem using your smartphone camera. It automatically reads the question and shows you step-by-step how to solve the problem. It’s really that simple! 

You can also manually input problems using the smart calculator.

Photomath mathematical equations

2. Detailed Explanations

Photomath detailed explanations

Instead of simply providing the answer, Photomath provides detailed explanations on how to solve the problem. This way the user can navigate each problem with clear steps and detailed instructions. You can even choose between multiple explanation methods for some problems.

3. Valuable Learning Tool

Mobile app for learning math

Photomath is a valuable tool for students of all ages. It allows the user to navigate each problem independently and even explains problems further if need be. It also shows beautifully animated calculation steps, just like a teacher or tutor would in person. 

For example, the student can see the step-by-step instructions on how to solve a math problem by equation and by graph with an animated tutorial. It’s like having a personal tutor, right on their device!

4. Affordability

Photomath’s monthly plan only costs $9.99, which is much less than how much it’ll cost for a personal tutor. It’s a simple and affordable way to support your students with their math education needs and as a busy parent, I’m a happy user.

Photomath Learning App review

Photomath app review

What do you think about Photomath? Is this something you and your child can benefit from? You can find more information on their website here and follow their Instagram here.

Photomath monthly plan

math learning mobile app


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