How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

Peony Tulip Bouquet

There’s something calming and therapeutic about having fresh flowers around the home. Over time picking up fresh flowers from the local grocery store has become a little tradition that I like to indulge in more and more frequently.

Whenever I’m tired or stressed from all my routine motherly duties, I treat myself to a cup of Starbucks iced latte and pretty seasonal flowers for an instant pick-me-up.

Peony and Tulips

So you can only imagine my delight when I came across these beautiful peonies and tulips at the florist at a local grocery store. What a perfect time to make floral bouquets as gifts!

Excitedly I grabbed some peonies and tulips in the prettiest shade of pink (I’ll always have a thing for soft pink) and decided to create homemade floral bouquets for friends. I’m by no means an expert but I love being creative with my hands- and here is how I made them.

How To Make A Peony and Tulip Bouquet

1. Lay out the flowers. Clean up and trim.

These flowers were very fresh so luckily there wasn’t much to trim. I usually trim the bottom diagonally (so it can be soaked in water) and clean up any old or damaged leaves. If there are any double-flowered peonies or double tulips, you’re in luck as they make for an even more unique bouquet. Just make sure you are clipping any potentially dead or brown petals to maintain that fresh look.

DIY bouquet tutorial

DIY flower bouquet tutorial

2. Gather and rubber band them together.

bind flowers with rubber band

pink peony

I like to use a rubber band or twine. You can use any string, really. Wrap them closer to the top of the tulip bulbs so the flowers are secure. Make sure you arrange the flowers at this step. I like to have an accent flower showing (like the biggest blossomed peony) and layer the smaller ones around it and in the back. Be careful not to damage the stem and leaves.

3. Place on wrapping paper

how to wrap flowers in wrapping paper

For this bouquet, I used two layers of paper: kraft paper and white tissue paper. I left the bottom part uncovered so I can keep it in a vase until it was time to give it to the recipient.

4. Wrap the Paper Diagonally. Fold the bottom part if you want to leave the ends open.

How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

There are many ways to do this but this worked best for me. I placed the paper diagonally (like a diamond shape), folded it over the lower right bottom a few times to expose the ends of the stem, and began wrapping around the flowers.

bouquet wrapping tips

Wrap with tissue paper, tie with twine or ribbon, then wrap another layer of kraft paper (newspaper or any paper of your choice.) Make sure the last layer is a little lower so the white tissue paper shows.

5. Tie it with a ribbon of your choice and you’re done!

How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

For this flower bouquet, I used twine, then a black ribbon.

How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

And you’re done!  It turned out beautifully and I hope my friends enjoyed the homemade peony + tulip bouquet. I think this bouquet is that much more special because of its rare flowers and pretty colors.

Peonies are in season- why not grab a bunch and make a bouquet for that special person in your life?

Tulip Flower Arrangement Ideas

  • Minimalist – white bulbs paired with some added greenery
  • Bold –  an assortment of brightly colored tulips
  • Fall Inspired – tulips with hard colors such as blue and purple
  • Spring Inspired – an assortment of pink, white, and yellow tulips
  • Exotic – an assortment of multi-colored Parrot tulips
  • Standout Texture – fringed tulips that have a unique texture

Peony + Rose Bouquet

You can make beautiful peony + rose bouquets too by using the same method. I made this one for my mother-in-law for her wedding anniversary and she loved it.

As you can see, I used different colored tissue paper and ribbon. You can be creative and try various color combinations.

Peony and Tulips bouquet

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How To Make A Peony + Tulip Bouquet

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