DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

DIY Spring Flower ArrangementOne of my favorite seasons is spring, because of all the beautiful flowers that bloom during this time. I love that you can find fresh, fluffy flowers at your local grocery store. Today, I will be sharing how to make a spring arrangement at home with grocery store flowers. Creating an arrangement at home is surprisingly therapeutic and much easier than you might think! 

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

Follow these 5 easy steps if you want to make your own spring arrangement from grocery store flowers. 

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

1. Pick a color palette. 

DIY Flower Arrangement ideas

I originally wanted to make a pink, white and blush arrangement.

But after seeing what looked the freshest and prettiest at the grocery store, I ended up with a blush, white, peach and green arrangement. This is ok and part of the beauty of making your own arrangement. You have the freedom to play around with colors and get creative.

2. Buy a variety of 4-6 different bundles of flowers and 1-3 types of greenery. 

I used the following: 

  1. Ranunculus in white and yellow/orange
  2. Garden roses in muted blush
  3. Juliet roses in peach
  4. Spray roses in white
  5. Cymbidium Orchid 
  6. Silver dollar eucalyptus 

3. Prep your vase. 

ceramic wide vase

Pick a vase of your choice. I used a low, wide, ceramic vase. Fill it with water and flower food. Make a grid on top of the vase with tape or floral tape, by sticking tape horizontally and vertically on the top of your vase so there are square holes left for you to stick flowers into. I just used regular scotch tape! It works like a charm and I always have some laying around the house.

4. Start with your greenery and larger flowers. 

I started by trimming my eucalyptus and filling it into random areas. It looked floppy and messy in the beginning, but don’t worry! Once you fill more florals into the grid, it will start to form into a beautiful spring arrangement. Then start plugging your larger flowers. In my case, it was the garden roses and juliet roses. If you are using this arrangement for an event, you can consider opening up the roses a bit more by lightly pulling the petals back. Pro-tip – I learned is to always trim your floral stems diagonally. I also like to prune my roses by cutting off most of the green leaves and picking out any wilted petals. 

5. Finish off the arrangement with your smaller delicate flowers and/or accent flowers, then add additional greenery to fill in any gaps. 

After the roses, I went in with my white and peach ranunculus throughout the arrangement because they are a smaller, more delicate flower. Ranunculus adds an airy and whimsical feel to arrangements, because they have a flexible, curved stem compared to roses. I put some closer into the center of the arrangement, but also left the stem longer on a few so they could stick out. 

I also added more eucalyptus to ensure all of the gaps in my arrangement were filled. You might be able to skip this step if you were generous when you were initially building the arrangement. Instead of adding greenery in this step, you may want to rearrange your greenery to best match the aesthetic you are going for.

spring flowers for home

If you are going for a more traditional curated look, you can pull the greenery in. If you are going for a more organic and wild look, you can pull the greenery out like I did. The final touch for my arrangement was my orchid stem. The stem I bought had a good amount of orchid flowers, so I cut it into two pieces and stuck them on opposite sides of the arrangement.

This made my arrangement look wider and gave the final touch of floral texture and variety to complete the look. I loved the way the color of my orchid complimented the blush, pink and white colors in my roses and ranunculus. It went perfectly with the organic greenery and gave it the final touch that I honestly didn’t know it needed! 

Overall, feel free to play around with your flowers and greenery when building the arrangement.

The beauty of making this at home is that you can do whatever you want with it. 

how to make your own floral arrangement

Having fresh flowers in my home brings me so much joy! I hope that you find some time to make your own floral arrangement this spring season and that it lifts your mood every time you see it too.

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