Three Shades Of Gray: Revere Pewter & Edgecomb Gray


Before I begin the story about how I chose the perfect gray paint for my walls, I want to share some of my inspirations.

Neutral Gray Walls in Various Settings

Fancy hallway with black accents

Source: Traditional Home

Serene and dreamy bedroom


Gray in casual livingroom


Soft Gray in Bathroom



I probably should’ve done a better job documenting the first time I chose a Gray (or Greige) wall color for my home but I never got around to it, so here is a belated post about how I ended up choosing Edgecomb Gray as an all-over color for the home I’m living in now.

There is a wealth of information floating around the web about hundreds of different shades of grays and greige (gray+ beige) so instead of repeating all that I’ve learned and found to be true (and untrue), I’ll just cut to the chase for the sake of this post.

After days of research, I was down to two colors: Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray. I knew I wanted a “warm gray” not a “cool gray” and these two seemed to be the most popular, tried-and-true colors recommended by bloggers and designers.

So here is how Revere Pewter looks against white trim. Elegant, modern, not too dark, not too light.

Source: The Nest

However when I sampled the paint in my own home, it came out too dark. It was even darker than the color of the paint swatch. Even my painter suggested going lighter because it would be too dark for an all-over color. Weird, I know.

Gray Owl was nice but too “cool”- and it didn’t look right with our dark cherry wood staircase and cabinets.

After more research and confusion, I ended up using Edgecomb Gray throughout the entire home except my children’s rooms and I’m 100% happy with this choice. This is a complex and multifaceted color as it looks different in different parts of the home.

In some parts it looks darker gray, in some areas it’s light gray, in some areas it’s light taupe and I love how I can get various colors with a single color. This is exactly what I was looking for when choosing all-over color and I’m very happy with this choice.

Here is how it looks in my home today. I’m preparing for Open House so I removed all photos and personal touches.

Here it looks greige



Here it looks light “cooler” gray



Here it looks more creamy and beige



As you can see, the same Edgecomb Gray color can look different in various rooms under different lighting situations. It can look dark gray, light gray and even taupe.

I’ve used multiple colors in my home before and found that I always get tired of my color choices after some time, so this is the perfect alternative to using multiple colors. Not to mention, you can save $$$ by using less colors and instead, invest in better quality paint. (I found Benjamin Moore to be superior than most paints sold at Home Depot or Lowe’s.)

What do you think? What’s your favorite shade of gray or greige? Feel free to share your ideas, ask questions and leave comments.

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43 thoughts on “Three Shades Of Gray: Revere Pewter & Edgecomb Gray

  1. Sue maiset

    I am having sAme problem picking paint colors. I have a kitchen and den that will have special walnut stained oak floors(medium brown), dark brown cabinets with Cambria brewing countertops (tones of beige and grays with little touch of copper tone and small crystal fleck). The den is open to kitchen and has a brown charcoal and clay color fireplace that I have live with that goes to the ceiling. These two rooms flow into open dining and living, foyer and hall and I am thinking I should continue the paint into these rooms

    I hAve 9 ft ceilings and plenty of Windows. Which of these grays do you recommend?

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      I really liked Edgecomb gray (more “greige”) and classic gray (more “gray”) when I used them in my home. Revere Pewter was too dark. I like using one color throughout the home because it just feels more cohesive and put-together. Plus the same paint can look different in different rooms under different lighting situations. I think it’s important to first figure out if you want a “cooler” gray or a more “warm” gray. I normally choose one of each, and another third choice (one shade lighter or darker) and narrow my choices like that. Good luck in finding the perfect gray!

    1. Patti

      I am looking for a warm gray or tan for my all over color in my kitchen, family room and foyer. My kitchen cabinets are a creamy white wash and ceilings are builders beige with dark stained pine wood floors and large white crown molding throughout. My dining room is open to these rooms and painted a pale green. Would edgecombe gray work?

      1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

        I think so. It might bring out the green undertone if it’s next to edgecomb gray though. It’s hard to be certain without seeing the colors in person, but edgecomb gray is definitely a warm gray that can read tan in certain light. Good luck finding that perfect color!

  2. Stacy McMillan

    Thanks Angela. Very helpful article. I am deciding on master bedroom paint to go with espresso stained cherry cabinets and Calacatta gold marble. I want something that will complement both the golds and greys in the marble. It sounds like Edgecomb grey with its warmth should be a good fit.

  3. Ji

    I was also thinking of choosing Revere Pewter or Edgecomb grey. My daughter talked me into Edgecomb grey. It is gorgeous. Revere Pewter is a great color but has a hint of beige and I was painting large sunny rooms. I also choose Grey owl for one room so I guess we like the same colors.
    It is tough choosing.

  4. Tina

    I need some major paint help ! If I sent you the granite color picture and cabinets could you please help guide me to a paint color ? I thought I had it narrowed down to repose gray- gray owl or worldly gray. Now after reading this maybe I should go with edge come ?

  5. Christy

    Grey owl has quite a bit of blue undertone to it and is definitely a cooler grey. I bought two gallons and ended up changing the color to Edgecomb Grey, which is a warm, soothing grey/beige.

  6. Cheril

    I am having a terrible time choosing a warm gray for my kitchen. I have honey oak cabinets that I have to live with; however we installed a beautiful backsplash with a rustic look of grays and beige stone. My appliances are black and stainless and my counter is off white with gray and beige streaks- really pretty. I have a chair rail with wainscoting below-my question:
    Could I use edgecomb gray on the entire wall with dark cream woodwork or edgecom gray above chair rail and a darker(?) or lighter (?) color below and on my pantry door?? I am so baffled! Please help!!

    1. Jackie

      I also have honey oak cabinets, but I have white appliances and counters and a brown/beige granite bar counter (not my choices lol) with a semi-open floor plan with my living room. Five years ago I painted my kitchen Ranchwood and my living room Revere Pewter and I still love the colors. However, I recently replaced my honey oak colored floors with grey/beige flooring and the Ranchwood was too similar to the flooring and brought out the dark hues, so the kitchen looked like the inside of a box. I loved the Ranchwood with the cabinets so much that I left it as a feature wall and painted the other three walls Edgecomb gray. I have poor lighting in my kitchen and I wanted contrast with the Ranchwood so I went with the lighter Edgecomb gray over the darker Revere Pewter and It looks great, and it’s still warm. Because the lighting is so different between the living room (East) and kitchen (West) you can’t tell I have different colors is the rooms. Very happy with my choice.

  7. Lara

    I just googled this paint color and your article came up. I have a terrible time picking paint. I saw the color got a sample painted small section in my bedroom and I’m going go for it! I really love it! Your pictures are great. Thanks for posting!

  8. Janice Coombs

    I have beautiful honey oak walls and trim in my kitchen which I still love after 26 years. My west kitchen wall runs into my family room, which has a huge window on the east side. The family room has one wall painted a dark brick-terra cotta which really pops the oak. I’m thinking cream, but then just saw Edgecomb gray. Will it work with the contrasting wall?

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      It’s hard to tell without seeing the actual color of the contrasting wall and layout of the house and windows but I think the edgecomb gray would be slightly darker and cooler than cream but still with warm undertone. It actually looks cream in certain areas! I have white dove (which is like cream) walls too and this is lighter than edgecomb gray.

  9. Joanne

    Just did Edgecomb Gray with white dove. Love love love it. I did the Revere Pewter in my dining room against the white bottom and trim and it looks gorgeous but would have been too dark all over my house. The Edgecomb is so neutral and clean. I started doing the kids room’s in muslin and Manchester tan. It was just to blah. I had the Benjamin Moore decorator come over with her swatches and it was the best money I spent. She recommended the Edgecomb gray over the Revere Pewter and I’m glad I picked. It’s not quite gray and not quite beige and its goes with all my natural browns and oak floors and cabinets. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      I love the edgecomb gray too. I love that its versatile, the perfect neutral–not too gray, not too beige. I’m glad you chose this color too. I have the edgecomb all over my house and never regretted the decision.

  10. Nielson Interiors

    Edgecomb Gray is one of my favorite go to paint colors. For those trying to decide between Edgecomb and Revere Pewter – they are the same formula, Edgecomb just has less pigment added. It’s basically 50-60% Revere Pewter. It’s also important to note that where your paint comes from – Home Depot or Sherwin Williams, etc. – will determine undertones. They do not use the exact same pigments or amounts when making a color.
    This looks fabulous in your home! Great choice!

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      I agree the brand matters when it comes to these colors. Even a slight undertone can change the entire hue. I always buy mine at Benjamin Moore store and its been great! Thank you for your input

  11. Melanie

    I’ve really tried to embrace Edgecomb Gray. It’s just too pink for my taste. My first run with it was to have Lowes color match it for me. Then I went to Benjamin Moore, and had them mix it for me at 25% darker. I think I like the yellow to orange undertones in paints better. I’m just going to have to look for a different color gray. For some, it’s just a lovely choice.

  12. Judu

    Will edgecomb gray go with marble looking counters , off white cabinets and white subway tile? I don’t see the pink everyone is talking about but I do not want pink so I’m worried about choosing this in our new home.

  13. houria

    Hello, I am also looking at painting the whole house Edgecomb Gray but I am worried about the pink undertones? Also, if my contractor does not go to Benjamin Moore, which brand would match BM’s the closest?
    I was also thinking of painting my kitchen a different color. I will have white cabinets or very light grey cabinets , a black granit counter, and light grey tiles on the floor. Will Edgecomb Gray match this? Many thanks for your help

  14. Shari Lindo

    I just painted my living room Edgecomb gray with behr paint. They said it would be the exact match to Benjamin Moore paint. But I don’t really care for the color. It looks too yellow at night. I have a big north facing window. Don’t know if I should repaint I like the gray colors.The Edgecomb just seems kind of blah.

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      Aww sorry to hear edgecomb gray didn’t work for you. Yes this color is more warm, meaning it has more yellow undertones and can look beige in certain light. If you absolutely hate it and still want gray, you should try the cooler gray colors.

  15. Shari Lindo

    I just painted my living room Edgecomb gray. I had home depot color match it. I don’t care for the color. It just looks kind of blah. I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t Benjamin Moore paint. It looks more yellow at night. The window in the room is north facing. Don’t want to repaint. I do like gray colors but it was hard to find the right color I almost went with Wickham gray but chickened out

  16. Cindy

    We have a big family room with a north exposure(mostly window) The room is painted a sage green color but looking to freshen things up. The wall above the fireplace is a Burgundy shade. We also have light honey oak trim. The family room and kitchen are an open floor plan. The kitchen is painted the Burgundy color that is above the fireplace.
    We would like to go with a grey shade but not sure which one would work. Also, we have a light stone fireplace with muted streaks of grey going through.
    We would love some help with this!


  17. margo

    I think sometimes the paints may not have been properly mixed… take it back to the store and get it checked.
    If its to dark have it lightened.
    If they have an incorrect tone, compared to the swatch … take it back & get them to fix it.
    Always use a good primer before you paint, so the original wall color doesnt show through…

  18. Michael & Michelle Milligan

    Angela, excellent post. Thank you.

    FYI, Gray Owl is being confused with several other Benjamin Moore colors as you search Google. The color that we saw and loved had no color ID with it, so we had to look to find the color.

    At first we saw it tagged on several blogs as Gray Owl, but went to the Benjamin Moore store and found out it is actually called Barren Plain. We love it, it has enough warmth, and is not industrial at all.

    Your Edgecombe Gray looks really great as well. Another one that changes significantly depending on the surrounding light and furniture colors.


  19. Charles


    My wife and I did a lot of research(more like picking colors and painting all over) and decided to paint of kitchen/kitchenette/family room in manchester tan. Its a great color! Now we are trying to pick a color for our foyer (open to above hallway) which opens into our kitchen though a small 5′ hallway.

    BM recommended Revere Pewter, but seeing it butted up against the Manchester tan, it makes the strip of tan look yellow. I think its also too tan for the foyer which has normal “cream” carpeted stairs. Ive seen a lot of talk about the Edgecomb Grey, do you think that would be a better choice for us? We were also recommended Repose Grey (SW) but Im really not fond of how Valspar paints (no SW around us) cover and prefer BM Regal.

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      Hi Charles, Edgecomb gray is a lighter version of Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter was too dark in my home and can look dark if there’s not enough sunlight. I think Edgecomb gray willl look great with any warmer cream color because it’s the perfect greige between beige and gray. Good luck finding the perfect color! It’s a lot of work but the end result is usually worth it!

  20. Erika Lane

    I know this post is older but I am on the hunt for paint for my daughter and my’s first house (yay!) and have about 12 test swatches on our walls! It’s crazy! I’m hunting for a greige, but the rooms it would be in are 10×10 with only one small window in each and white trim. Revere Pewter was SO dark in any room we try, but was wondering if you think edgecomb may not pull too dark in such a small space? Your home is beautiful!!!!

  21. Christina

    Thanks for your post, I’m looking for a warm gray all over color for an update to our vacation ski house, which has pumpkin pine floors and matching window/door trims. I’m going to give Edgecombe a try. In terms of other grays to consider, our main home is painted in BM colors Classic Gray, Light Pewter, Pale Oak (an amazing gray/tan/pink color but not for an all over house color) and Sea Pearl (another chameleon neutral). They all look great individually, but also are softly seamless together!

  22. michele

    I used all of these colors in my neutral home, totally love your bed where did you get it if you don’t mind my inquiry?
    Thanks michele

  23. Marie

    Im wondering if edgecomb gray or classic gray would work in my townhome. All rooms have little natural light! Kitchen has white cabinets with dark brown countertops and dark floor. Dining room has no windows. 15ft cathedral ceilings throughout.. Family room has a red brick fireplace. Thoughts?

    1. Angela | Mommy Diary Post author

      classic gray would be cooler than edgecomb gray. Edgecomb gray has more taupe/warm tone. I know because I used classic gray in my son’s nursery. It’s really hard to tell without seeing the home first but I’d say go with edgecomb gray if you want the tones to bring together the brown countertops and dark floor. Or it can feel too cold? Again it’s hard to tell without seeing the space first. Hope this helps!


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