Fruity Aperol Spritz Recipe

How to make perfect aperol spritz at home

How to Make Aperol Spritz at Home

Refreshing aperol spritz recipe

Aperol spritz is a popular drink at the moment and I want to share with you how to make it! I’m a fan of light and refreshing cocktails that aren’t too strong, perfect for a warm summer day. Summer is here, and now is the perfect time for this fruity and bubbly cocktail you can make right from home. 

One of my favorite drinks is Aperol Spritz, well known for its vibrant sunset hue and refreshing bittersweet taste. This cocktail is an aperitivo, otherwise known as an appetite-whetting beverage often enjoyed before dinner.

Personally, I think it’s perfect for any occasion, especially on a warm spring or summer day.

naval orange slice in half for cocktails

Aperol spritz with a fruity twist

If you stop by your local farmer’s market, you may see these vibrant, pink oranges on the table. This fruity aperol spritz recipe utilizes fresh strawberries and in-season navel oranges to create a refreshing, flavorful, and thirst-quenching cocktail.

For our version of aperol spritz, we added naval oranges in season to make it fruitier. The result? Sweet and delicious aperol spritz packed with vitamin C and extra sweetness.

How to Make Aperol Spritz at Home

Ingredients for fruity summer aperol spritz

What you need

How to prepare fruity aperol spritz

  • Using an ice cube tray, fill with filtered water and place 1-2 edible flowers per ice cube
  • Finely chop and muddle strawberries
  • Juice navel oranges & slice a few for garnish  

How to make aperol spritz

  • Place muddled strawberries at the bottom of your wine glass
  • Pour aperol, prosecco, and club soda – stir 
  • Add fresh navel orange juice
  • Top with pre made ice cubes
  • Garnish with an orange slice

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy cocktail for summer, try making this refreshing and fruity aperol spritz. It’s the perfect companion for your next brunch or dinner.

I hope you enjoy this spring and summer-inspired recipe, for more cocktail recipes try my fall-inspired drink here.  

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