Back To School Shopping With Carters At Kohls

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Many things have changed since I became a mother for the first time twelve years ago. There are new and innovative baby brands coming out each year, with so many choices for everything from clothing, books to toys and gadgets.

Today’s fast changing baby trends can feel overwhelming at times so I’ve adopted a new kind of parenting, one that thrives in simplicity. I keep things simple and intentional, only buying absolute essentials that are functional, affordable and easy to use and wear. 


Back To School Shopping With Carter’s At Kohl’s


Despite the changes in baby trends, one thing that stays the same is my loyalty to Carter’s clothing. Carter’s has been my go-to brand since my first child and I’m still a huge fan due to their design, quality and unbeatable price. From soft onesies to cute playwear, Carter’s has everything I need for any baby and child.


Now that my son is a year old, he will be attending playdates and various social groups. He will be making new friends, playing with other babies his age and exploring the world around him.

I recently went to Kohl’s with my son to shop for his new fall clothing such as comfortable onesies and cute play wear for back to school season. He is now ready to join his older sisters during this busy but fun time of the year. I’m thankful for stores like Kohl’s that make shopping easy and family friendly. I also love their amazing product choices and daily sales and coupons.

Baby D Turns One

We recently celebrated Baby D’s first birthday. Even as I type this it’s hard to believe because it really feels like just yesterday when I brought him from the hospital. He went from a tiny infant who can barely open his eyes to a healthy and vibrant boy who likes to explore the world with his eyes, hands and mouth. I love watching him grow and witnessing his personality blossom, what a joy this year has been.

He loves these playwear from Carter’s that allow tons of movement and exploration.

If my first time motherhood felt like a whirlwind of intense emotions like excitement, joy, anxiety and worry, my third time experience feels more like a quiet calm of softer but deeper emotions. I feel joy, happiness and peace as well as a sense of completion and pride at how far I’ve come as a woman and mother.

Most importantly I’m so thankful for my precious son who illuminates joy, sunshine and love everywhere he goes. It’s so fun watching him grow, play and interact with friends and family.


Thanks to Carter’s at Kohl’s, my son is all ready for back to school fun with his soft cotton play clothes and adorable fall outfit.

The best part? 

You can find 40% – 50% off Carter’s Playwear at Kohl’s between 8/4 to 8/20 just in time for back-to-school. Use promo code BTS10 code for $10 off $50 spent on the back to school categories including Carter’s.

You can shop using this link.

You can find 40% – 50% off Carter’s Playwear at Kohl’s between 8/4 to 8/20 just in time for back-to-school. Use promo code BTS10 code for $10 off $50 spent on the back to school categories including Carter’s.

Whether your child is returning to playgroups or school, Kohl’s offers amazing prices and selections for Carter’s clothing.

You can find their wide selection here or visit their store.

Be sure to check out Kohl’s coupon page for more deals!


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  1. I love, love Carters! I have such fond memories of going to there as a child and hiding from my mom and grandma in the store! He is all the heart feels mama ?

  2. I love Carter’s clothes they are adorable and they are good quality! I have bought Carters for all my kids when they were little too! Kohls is our family’s favorite store to shop at. I have 4 kids at the ages of 2, 4, 7 and 9. We do almost all of our shopping there and I absolutely love the coupons and kohls cash!

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