New hair, new me is not a cliché: my new bob with Anh Co Tran

My New Bob With Anh Co Tran

There are haircuts, and there are transformations that mark a moment in your life. 

This is exactly what went through my mind when I recently got a haircut with Anh Co Tran. I call it my life cut, because this cut not only made me look and feel good on the outside, it truly made me feel like a renewed person from the inside.

For those who are unfamiliar, Anh Co Tran is a celebrity hairstylist who works with renowned actors, artists and influencers all over the world. He is most well known for his lived-in haircuts that are timelessly beautiful with a subtle edge. He is also the leading educator of the signature lived-in haircuts, as he travels globally to teach other stylists how to create the effortlessly chic look he is known for.

My New Bob With Anh Co Tran

Anh’s infamous lived-in haircut 

I really enjoy Anh’s haircuts because it makes me feel classic yet subtly edgy, and it has a lived-in feel that looks good for months following the haircut. Anh is a perfectionist when it comes to haircuts and you can tell by the precision of his movements and his attention to detail. My hair never feels like it does with Anh after a cut with any other stylist. My hair feels light, soft and beautiful with effortless movement. It’s a feeling that’s hard to capture into words, you have to experience it for yourself.

Anh Co Tran hair bob

The cost and longevity of the cut

Anh Co Tran’s haircut is not cheap, but it lasts longer than conventional haircuts elsewhere. For me, seeing him 2-3 times a year is enough to maintain a healthy and chic hairstyle. The haircut I get from him looks and feels good even months after my original cut, which to me, makes the cost worthwhile.

A luxury haircut as a form of self-care

If you watched my video about my last haircut with Anh, you know that this cut was a form of therapy for me. I spent decades caring for others before myself as a mom and wife, and this was my declaration to the world and myself- that I will begin taking care of myself too.

Plus, it felt really good to chop it all off and start fresh.

Anh Co Tran haircut review

How often do you spend money for your family and friends without a second thought because you want to give, but stop yourself from doing nice things for yourself because it’s too expensive? For me, more often than I’d like to admit. 

If you’re a busy woman or mom looking to treat yourself to a luxury haircut, or if you’re looking for a major transformation that can make you feel brand new, I highly recommend making an appointment with Anh Co Tran.

short hairstyle
before and after haircut

What do you think? Do you like my new haircut?

You can make your next appointment with Anh here.

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