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15 Baby Travel Essentials For An Easier Trip

Traveling as a family is an amazing way to enjoy new experiences and make memories. I love traveling with my kids, especially now that they’re getting older. 

Sure, traveling with babies is an amazing experience, but it can also be pretty overwhelming. Babies aren’t able to do much for themselves, so it’s up to us moms to figure out how to keep them fed, clean, and entertained while traveling. After many trips with my own children, I’ve learned that there are a ton of ways you can ensure traveling with a baby goes smoothly.

So no need to worry, I have you covered! 

Today, I’m sharing a round-up of essential items you’ll want to prepare when traveling with babies. These items are going to keep your baby happy which means they’ll be clean, fed, and hopefully entertained so you can enjoy your trip.

15 Baby Travel Essentials For An Easier Trip

Diapers and Wipes 

A baby packing list isn’t complete without the two most important things a parent can bring when traveling with a baby. Don’t forget to include more than enough diapers and wipes in either your diaper bag or carry-on bag and even more in your checked bag. 

Unless you’re heading somewhere truly remote, you could probably buy more diapers and wipes if necessary, but the last thing you want to happen is to get stuck somewhere without either one. 


If their diet includes baby food and snacks, you’ll want to have plenty on hand at all times. Babies, even those big enough to consume more than just milk or formula, are often cranky for one of two reasons they’re either tired or hungry. 

When you drive or fly with a baby, pack enough of several different kinds of snacks to prevent a hunger-induced meltdown. Baby food pouches and travel-friendly containers filled with several of their favorite snacks are both super convenient. These three containers would be perfect for everything from fresh fruit to puffs:

You can also check out my post on airplane snacks for some easy, travel-friendly ideas.

Car Seat 

A car seat is one of the more obvious baby essentials, but one that a lot of people don’t immediately think of when packing for a road trip or flight. When you fly with a baby, you can either book them as a lap infant or book them their own seat. Ultimately, it comes down to what is most comfortable for you.

However, if your baby does have their own seat on the plane, you’ll need a car seat. But not just any car seat will do. I recommend investing in a travel car seat that is lighter and therefore easier to carry through the airport. 

If you’ll be holding your baby for the entire flight but using a car once you arrive, you’ll want to pack and check a car seat. In this case, I recommend using a car seat travel bag to protect the seat as it makes it to and from your destination. 

Travel Stroller

Speaking of lightweight, portable baby gear, don’t forget to pack a good travel stroller. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve thought about how glad I was that we packed ours for a trip. 

Whether you’re toting your baby through the airport or from one adventure to the next during your trip, you’ll want a good travel stroller. My two favorite travel strollers are the Munchkin Sparrow Ultra Compact Yoyo Lightweight Travel Stroller and the Joolz Lightweight travel stroller.

Pack ‘n Play Portable Crib

The Graco Pack ‘n Play is crazy popular for a reason. It’s a complete game-changer! For one, you can check it at the airport and not worry about it until you arrive at your destination. 

It also gives you the peace of mind that your baby will have a safe place to play or sleep. You never want to count on your hotel having portable cribs to borrow! 

Portable High Chair

The same goes for restaurants and high chairs, rather than relying on each place to provide a high chair (in who knows what sort of condition), pack a portable high chair for travel. These things are amazing. It’s so easy to pack that you can keep it in your diaper bag. 

Just strap and secure it to the chair, place your baby inside it and enjoy your meal with BOTH hands. Wow! How amazing does that sound?

Storage Bags

Storage bags are another travel essential purely because of their versatility. From spare diapers and rash cream to toys, you can use these for just about anything. I recommend packing at least a few, even if you don’t have anything to put in them right away.

I also recommend packing a wet bag or at least a gallon-sized Ziploc bag for clothes that are either wet or soiled. When you’re faced with the option of either packing soiled clothes with the rest of your clothes or throwing them away, a bag allows you to avoid the latter. 

Extra Clothes

This one is probably a bit obvious, but important nonetheless. You don’t want to be that mom who is desperately trying to wash poop out of her baby’s onesie in the bathroom sink and then drying it under the hand dryers just trust me. 

Save yourself from that nightmare and have at least 2-3 extra outfits on you at all times. 

Sound Machine

If you’ve ever experienced your baby sleeping peacefully, only to be woken up by a sudden, unexpected noise, then you probably already understand the importance of a sound machine when traveling. They’re also great for allowing you to move around your hotel room or even enjoy a meal without disturbing your snoozing infant. 

Parents swear by this one because it can be clipped to your stroller or car seat. 


Even infants like to be entertained. If you’re in for a long car ride or flight, don’t forget to pack a few toys to help keep them occupied. Keep in mind that you’ll want to pack toys that are portable and that don’t make a lot of noise. Try to avoid bulky, loud toys, those that come apart easily, or toys with a lot of separate pieces.

Here are a few top-rated travel toys for babies:

First Aid Kit

If your little one is becoming increasingly interested in their environment, you likely already know that babies get into everything. Especially when you’re in a less familiar environment, you want to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

A travel-size first-aid kit is a must-have for minor scrapes and bruises that are bound to accumulate when you travel with a baby. 

Plus 4 More Travel Essentials For Nursing Babies and Moms 

If you’re nursing, you’ll need a few extra items for smooth sailing while traveling. I highly recommend you pack the below items so you can nurse on the go, pump if you’re lucky to get any alone time, and of course a travel cooler to store milk on the go.

Baby Travel Checklist

  • Create a checklist in PDF form or in the form of a pinnable graphic that your readers can download or share on different social media platforms.       
These are my travel essentials for a smoother, more enjoyable trip with a baby.

You got this mama! Traveling with a baby can be hard and overwhelming but planning ahead and packing all of these essentials for travel will make it easier. Once you check everything off the list, you can focus on creating new memories with your little one.
For more info on traveling with kids, as well as family activities, advice on motherhood, and much more, head over to the blog.

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