15 Kids Closet Ideas For Every Closet Type

No matter the size of your family, trying to keep your home organized can feel like raking leaves in a hurricane. With four kids, one thing that has made a huge difference in our house is each child having a space for their clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. I know it’s not possible for everyone, but giving kids their closets gives them a sense of independence, no matter how young they are. 

There are a lot of different ways to build or arrange a kid’s closet. If you’re thinking about creating a closet space for your kids’ stuff, I’m glad you’re here. I’m sharing a round-up of kids’ closet ideas that you can recreate. 

Kids Closet Ideas

15 Kids Closet Ideas For Every Closet Type

Kids’ Closet With Toy Storage

This kids’ closet idea from Shelf Help Now includes bins for toys. It also has a clothes rod on either side to provide plenty of space for hanging clothes, storage baskets, and open shelves. I like that this design is like a blank template. There are a ton of ways to add personalized touches.

Small Cute Kids’ Walk-In Closet

This walk-in closet makeover involved making the most of every square inch of a small closet. Doesn’t it look like one of those luxury closets you’d see in a magazine? 

This closet idea includes two rods for hanging kid clothes and then uses the rest of the space for decor. You can put your own spin on this design by choosing a wallpaper that matches your child’s room. Peel-and-stick wallpaper makes it easy to decorate a small space.

Kids Closet Ideas list

Dresser With A Storage Shelf And Hanging Space

This kids’ closet design offers a little bit of everything. The wooden bins and wicker baskets are perfect for storing miscellaneous items, while the rod and drawers provide more than enough clothes storage. It’s every neutral color scheme-loving mama’s dream kids’ closet!

Double Hanging Space With Shelves

This is one of my favorite kids’ closet organization ideas. As shared by The Home Edit, this design uses a double bar system and a tall shelving unit to create a simple yet supremely effective space to store your child’s clothes and more. Using wallpaper is a fun way to add a personal touch.

IKEA Pax Closet System Hack

This kid-friendly closet idea courtesy of The Pink Dream involves using the Pax closet system from IKEA. Pinterest is full of ways you can use the Pax closet system to keep space organized inside your child’s closet. I love how this design incorporated a vanity mirror; it’s perfect for little girls!

Easy DIY Kids’ Closet

Here’s a great kids’ closet with an organization system you can easily do yourself. The woven storage baskets on the floor are perfect for kids’ toys or shoes. And the shelves in the middle can be used for literally anything.

With this design, you get a ton of hanging space, as well as a shelf and space on the floor.

Kids Closet Ideas list

Kids’ Closet Loft

How neat is this idea from Bigger Than The Three Of Us? Who would’ve thought you could create such a fun, child-sized space inside their closet?

If you’re handy with power tools, you can build your own closet loft. Otherwise, you might want to hire someone to install the loft for you. Once that part is done, you can add storage elements like a curtain rod, basket, and storage bins, as well as decorative pieces like pillows and a foam pad. Don’t forget the rope ladder!

Kids’ Closet With Wire Basket Drawers

Here’s a great way to make things easily accessible for small kids. This closet idea from IKEA involves installing two JONAXEL storage solutions side-by-side for easy access to clothes, shoes, and more. The flat surface on top functions as a shelf, while a pre-existing rod or newly installed one provides room for hanging clothes.

Organized Small Closet Idea

The Green Springs Home shared this closet idea that would work great for babies or young children. These plastic storage container towers are an affordable storage solution that can fit most closets. An over-the-door storage rack adds even more space for your kids’ items.

Bins For Clothes For The Week

Whether you want to encourage more independence or make your mornings a little less stressful, I love this closet idea. It makes great use of plastic storage bins that you can label for each day of the week. Simply place an outfit for each day into each bin, and suddenly getting your kid dressed in the morning becomes much less daunting.

Repurposed Bookshelf For Closet Storage And Organization

This closet idea from Organization Obsessed is a great example of how you can repurpose a bookshelf or cube storage system to create accessible storage at the bottom of your kids’ closet. Then, use storage cubes or bins atop a wire shelf, with hanging space below.

This idea is great for storing books, toys, and clothes in the same space, without making it look cluttered.

Kids Closet Ideas list

Door And Wall Racks For Small Closet Organization

The Container Store has a bunch of great storage and organization solutions. This closet design is a great example of how you can use your closet doors to create more storage space. The Container Store has countless storage and organization solutions.

To achieve this setup in your kids’ closet, use the Elfa Mesh Over the Door Rack and the Elfa closet system.

Closet Organization With Shelf And Rolling Cart

Chaylor and Mads shared this kids’ closet idea I love for several reasons. For one, it follows a neutral color scheme. I also love the creative use of the shelves and rolling cart.

If you’re creating a nursery closet, a rolling cart is perfect for filling with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and other items you need to have quick and easy access to. For older kids, it can be used for their outfits for the week.

Kids Closet With Laundry Baskets

This kids’ closet makes good use of simple plastic laundry baskets. You can use a closet system to achieve this design, or you can DIY with tension rods and cube organizers. This way, you have designated spaces for hanging clothes, folded clothes, and even dirty laundry.

Floating Wood Shelves 

For this kids’ closet from In Honor Of Design, floating wood shelves provide ample storage space. With this design, the open shelves function as decor and closet storage. Plus, by utilizing the space on the side of the closet, there was still enough room for a dresser and hanging space.

Which idea would you use to transform your child’s closet?

These kids’ closet ideas stood out to me for various reasons, but I’d love to know which ones were your favorite. Which design would work best in your home? Share in the comments!

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