Mommy Survival Kit: 10 Items to Keep in Your Purse

Four kids in, I like to consider myself well-versed in all things parenting. However, one thing I wish I knew in the early days were the key items I needed to keep in my purse at all times.

A Mommy Survival Kit, if you will — because when you don’t have it, you will need it. 

I decided to share a few of my go-to items that are easy to find. Trust me, this list will come in handy and will have you setting reminders for restocks in your phone every few months. 

Mommy Survival Kit: 10 Items to Keep in Your Purse

Mommy Survival Kit

Water Wipes

This might sound like a given, but it’s inevitable that you will need baby wipes when you don’t have them. I personally love Water Wipes, as they are just that, 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract. Simple. Clean. Versatile.

You can use Water Wipes for diaper changes, cute little dirty faces and hands, and even cleaning up spills and sticky areas. If you don’t have room for a full pack in your purse, here is a pro tip: throw a handful of wipes in a plastic baggie, and restock when your supply gets low. Make sure the zipper stays closed though, or you’ll wind up with dried-out wipes, and what’s the point in those?

Hand Sanitizer

Over the last year and a half, our kids have become obsessed with the need to wash their hands. (A good problem to have!) For the times you don’t have access to soap and a sink, there are lots of kid-friendly hand sanitizers out there. I highly recommend keeping a few bottles within reach at all times. 

Bandaids and Antibacterial Ointment

This also seems like a no-brainer, but again, you will most definitely need these when you don’t have them.

I like to keep bandaids in a small coin pouch so they are easily accessible and also not mixed in with anything else flying loosely around in my purse. Throw in the antibacterial ointment, and you are well prepared for any tough tumble your little one might take to doctor their booboo immediately. A kiss and a cuddle are the cherries on top!

Mommy Survival Kit

Baby Aquaphor

I am a big fan of Baby Aquaphor, as it’s one of the most versatile baby items in my opinion. I use this for everything from chapped lips and dry skin to minor cuts and diaper rash. A lot of babies and young children experience eczema, and keeping Aquaphor with you at all times can be a saving grace for those flareups too. I often find myself reaching for it for myself too. A must-have in your purse!

Extra Socks (and Shoes)

No one likes wet socks! Keep these extra socks handy in case your kiddos find their feet wet from a puddle, spills something on their shoes, or if anything like my kids, somehow manages to take off their shoes and socks in the backseat and both are lost to the car gods for good. If you know you know. 

That last scenario is when the extra shoes would come in handy! These classic kids’ Crocs are great for your purse. They’re very on trend right now, plus they are lightweight and easy to take on and off.

My kids own many different styles but these crocs are my go-to right now, 

Mommy Survival Kit Essentials


This should probably be number one on the list. Any mom knows to have snacks at the ready is a lifesaver! Keep a small zipper pouch in your purse filled with easy-to-eat snacks, such as granola bars, fruit gummy snacks, or even pouches of apple sauce. When you sense the toddler hanger monster approaching, you will be prepared for any situation. 

Water Bottle

Similar to keeping snacks on deck, you’ll never know when having clean water will be a necessity. Whether your little one is thirsty, needs to wash off their hands, or you need to use it to assist with washing off any messes made while outdoors or without access to running water, you’ll thank yourself for this later. I love this reusable option!

What moms should bring in their bag

Portable Charger

Keep any technology alive for those moments you really need it. Let’s say you’re an hour into a car ride and multiple episodes of Cocomelon later the iPad needs to be charged. Never fear, you have a portable charger in your purse to save the day. I love this lightweight, slim brand via Amazon.


There comes a certain point in childhood when coloring is life. Keep a small box of inexpensive crayons in your purse at all times and you’ll find they come in handy for so many occasions. I pull them out at restaurants without a proper kids’ menu or those long waits at an appointment with nothing else to do.

Sometimes it’s the simplest activities that keep kids engaged. 

things to brings for kids when going out

Bonus Items 

A few more must-haves for your Mommy Survival Kit include a spare pacifier, sunscreen (this brand is one of my favorites — great for parents too), bug spray, and an extra onesie for when your baby is really little for a quick-need wardrobe change.

Honestly, the list could go on and on, but don’t forget that you deserve space in your own purse for your things, too! I’d recommend getting a large machine washable tote bag that you can add organizers to, and hopefully be able to find all of your survival kit items with ease. 

I own different style diaper bags and designer bags but I reach for my lightweight machine washable carryall the most! 

Speaking of purses and organizing pouches, here are a few of my favorites that will secure you enough space for your #momlife items and personal treasures. 

What is in your Mommy Survival Kit? Share your secrets with us in the comments, and head over to @mommydiary on Instagram and tag me in a story with your contribution!

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