Safe Drinking Reminders As We Get Social

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Safe Drinking Reminders As We Get Social

The world is opening up slowly, how are you feeling? Are you ready to attend social events and see friends again?

As for me, I’ve slowly began seeing friends and family safely and mindfully. We still spend most of our time at home, but we recently hosted a backyard birthday party for my baby and finally got to introduce her to family and friends who have not seen her since birth. 

A part of me is excited to resume normal life and activities with family and friends, but a part of me knows we still have to be mindful about staying safe and responsible, not only for ourselves but for others.

Today I want to remind you of simple rules of responsibility as we get social again. It’s been a while since we interacted with others over food and alcohol, and now is the perfect time for a refresher.

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Safe Drinking Reminders As We Get Social

Rules of Responsibility from

  • Measure your beverage and cocktail ingredients
  • Have water and non-alcoholic drink options available
  • Offer food to your guests and make sure you also eat or nibble as you host
  • Be sure your guests have safe rides home
  • Talk to your kids about alcohol and practice ways to say NO to underage drinking

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I know it’s tempting to go all out with family and friends to make up for lost times. Even as a homebody, I’m looking forward to socializing and having grown up dinners and drinks! My teenage daughter has been asking for more sleepovers and time with friends, especially after being in quarantine for over a year and missing all the 8th grade festivities.

I get it, but we still have to remember that we are the biggest influences in our kids’ lives, especially when it comes to their drinking choices in the near future. 

Safe Drinking Reminders 2021

Here are some important statistics regarding parental influence on their children’s drinking choices.

  • Over 8-in-10 parents (85%) and kids (86%) reported having at least one conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol in the past year. 
  • Both parents and kids (46% and 44%, respectively) stated their kids/they themselves will be faced with the decision to drink alcohol within the next year.  
  • 36% of kids identified their parents as the #1 influence on their decision to drink or not to drink alcohol. 
  • The second and third most influential sources were peers (22%) and social media (8%).
  • Parents ranked themselves as the second most influential source behind peers as the leading influence on the decision to drink or not to drink.

There’s nothing wrong with safe drinking. But I hope we all agree that modeling responsible drinking behavior for our children is crucial.

To recap, be sure to measure out your cocktail ingredients, drink plenty of water, avoid driving at all times and always drink your alcoholic beverages with food. If you’re the host, be sure your guests all have safe rides home and offer plenty of water, non-alcoholic choice and also something to nibble on.

For more information about responsible drinking and talking to your children to prevent underage drinking, visit my partner on their websiteFacebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What are your thoughts on social events this summer? Any tips for having fun while staying safe and responsible? Please share them below!

Safe Drinking Reminders As We Get Social

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