Instilling The Love Of Reading With Bookroo


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Bookroo.

I spent a bulk of my childhood reading which had a tremendous impact on me throughout my life. As a child I traveled to numerous countries and expanded my imagination through reading, and books taught me some of my most valuable life lessons that I cherish until this day. Thanks to my lifelong love for reading, I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and genuinely enjoy reading and writing until this day.

As a work-at-home mom I’m not as active with the kids as I’d like to be during the week, but I make sure to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to reading. During this time the older kids read books of their choice while I read my own. I always squeeze in time for reading no matter how busy I am and almost always have a book in my purse, which makes it natural for the kids to always carry a book with them too.

Daily reading time is great because it fulfills my daughters’ daily reading requirements for school and also because it makes reading such a natural part of our daily routine. They love reading side by side with me and now they get to read side by side with the newest member of the family. I’m excited I now have a baby to read to all over again!

When I received this Bookroo box in the mail, I was excited to become part of a community that values reading for kids. Bookroo’s mission is to empower parents to build their children’s library in an affordable and convenient way through curated monthly book deliveries. They believe in the power of the written word and believe it’s never too early to start reading to kids. I wholeheartedly agree!


Bookroo books come wrapped in adorable wrapping paper like this. This is such a cute idea for kids who love opening gifts. It’s like Christmas but with books to grow their own library!



First set of board books for babies and kids

bookroo-9Luckily for me, older sister Tess volunteered to teach Baby D his ABC’s. She says she will read to him every day and teach him his first words. Baby Dee is growing bigger and more alert everyday and loves to be talked to. He now focuses on faces and objects when we speak to him and loves to interact with us.

This marks the beginning of a lifetime bond between the siblings and I’m so blessed to be able to witness and document this moment.



Currently Baby D’s favorite book is this Lion ABC one. He lights up and listens intently as we read it to him. I hope he enjoys reading as much as his older sisters do!

If you’d like to instill the love of reading for your children, just follow these simple tips:

  1. Surround your kids with good books
  2. Let them choose their own books
  3. Make it fun, don’t force it
  4. Read books aloud
  5. Show your kids how much you enjoy reading
  6. Make it a regular part of the day

Thanks to Bookroo, we are looking forward to growing his book collection with their monthly curated and wrapped boxes.

If you would like to buy or gift a Bookroo subscription set, use the code ANGEKIM for $10 off your order! You can find their website here

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10 thoughts on “Instilling The Love Of Reading With Bookroo

  1. Fantastic way to engage children in reading. I know my little one is so excited when he gets mail, let alone a gift that is wrapped., This would just make it that much better having it be books.

  2. I love to read for my 9 month old son and it’s part of our daily routine. he enjoys it a lot! I noticed when it comes to reading time he really pays attention. I’ll definitety check out bookroo’s website.

  3. I love the photos of your beautiful young readers! I think a lot of parents buy books for their kids to get them to read more, but as you point out, the key to getting kids to read is having them see adults reading. My solo reading time never lasts more than 5 minutes at this age, at least when kiddo is awake, but it’s so important that he sees me with my books, too.

    1. Yes I truly believe that’s what makes the difference. It’s one thing to tell them to read, another to just model it. My kids are used to see me reading so I think its natural for them too. That’s just what we do. I try to lessen my screen time and focus on reading hard copy books but its hard sometimes.

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