Style Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

1. wrap dress ($39) l 2. cozy duster ($130) l 3. off shoulder smock top ($179) l 4. off shoulder maxi ($63) l 5. nursing tank ($69) l 6. flowy kimono ($46) l 7.nursing t-shirt ($32) l 8.maxi dress ($259)

I breastfed all three of my kids. The first two times I didn’t get to truly enjoy the experience because I didn’t know how to fully embrace the breastfeeding journey. I lived in old T-shirts and black leggings which didn’t help when it comes to loving my post-baby body.

This time I finally cracked the secret code to dressing while breastfeeding. In fact, I realized I don’t have to dress that differently and can maintain my personal style as long as I keep in mind a few things.

Here are five styles that are perfect for breastfeeding mothers.

1. Wrap dresses & maxis

Wrap dresses can be found in so many different styles, colors and prints and are perfect for breastfeeding. It provides easy access for feedings and looks cute. Many nursing dresses come in this style but even non-nursing wrap dresses work just fine and are often priced less.

2. Off-the shoulder tops & dresses

Off the shoulder dresses and tops are right on trend and perfect for nursing mamas. Off the shoulder styles provide easy access for feedings (you can simply pull the top or dress down) and all you need is a quiet place and cover for nursing.

3. Dusters & kimonos

I love dusters and kimonos because it provides extra fabric for extra protection. I’ve even used it as a nursing cover/blanket when I forgot to pack mine. Dusters and kimonos are cute, versatile and such an easy layering piece for any busy mother.

4. Nursing tops from ASOS

I love these maternity + nursing tops from ASOS because they’re affordable, comfortable and versatile. You can wear them while you’re pregnant and even after when baby is born. It comes in different colors and sleeve lengths.

5. Cross front nursing tank tops

These cross front nursing tank tops are the best! In fact, I don’t wear nursing tops and tanks with snaps and hooks anymore because these cross front tops are so much easier to wear. You should have a few of these on hand and layer them under your clothes. I wear these all the time under my clothes during the day and as pajamas at night time.  You can find affordable tanks on Amazon here.

These are my current favorite looks for nursing. As you can see, I wear a lot of wrap dresses, loose tees and dusters to stay fashionable without sacrificing comfort. You can find more on my Instagram.

What do you think about my style tips for breastfeeding/nursing mothers? What do you like to wear while nursing?

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23 thoughts on “Style Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

  1. Yes!! Love this post! I will be in this place VERY soon & these are great things to remember! & thankfully I will be breastfeeding through the summer so I have a lot more options 🙂 xx

  2. Yes to all of this!!!! I breastfed all four of my kids at one point. Our last baby (a girl after three boys) was the best nurser! I just weaned her at 18 months if I Haden’s she would nurse forever I’m telling you.

  3. I am currently breastfeeding my third child, so I totally needed this post. I’m always on the lookout for cute nursing friendly styles!

  4. I actually am working on a nursing spring wardrobe blog post myself! These are all super cute outfits! Love!

  5. You are gorgeous!!! I love all the pieces that you picked out. Cardigans are my favorites for nursing little bitty babies, when they get bigger I give up on special nursing clothes all together and just go back to my normal wardrobe.

  6. Great ideas! I got several off-the-shoulder tops and dresses but can’t decide what bra/tank to wear underneath for adequate nipple coverage without looking like I forgot to put in a strapless bra. I’ve tried my Natori and Bravada bras but they look like obvious bra straps…

  7. Cute ideas! Where is the gray wrap dress and the long floral cardigan you are wearing in your pics from?

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