Ep 7: Child Loss, Grief, and Spirituality with Emily Lindsey

Mommy Diary Ep 7: Child Loss, Grief, and Spirituality with Emily Lindsey   




Ep 7: Child Loss, Grief, and Spirituality with Emily Lindsey

Today I have a dear friend on the show, Emily Lindsey. Emily and I have never met in person, but have established a close intimate and spiritual connection online. 

Emily is a light worker. Her journey to become a life coach started with the death of her son in 2018 when he was just 3 days old. Inevitably, this changed her. After 5 months of deep despair and darkness, she felt a glimmer of peace and hope. Her Spiritual awakening was unmistakable and her inner peace continued to grow and solidify. Since then, she’s made it her sole purpose in life to spread light and love. Teddy’s life has been incredibly impactful for not only Emily, but all those she serves through coaching and everyone she comes into contact with. Her energy is magnetic and she is truly a LIGHT!

In this touching episode, Emily shares how Teddy’s life and death and impacted her the most, and what she learned about grief through her journey.  She walks us through how she’s learned to connect with Teddy after his death and gives tips to others who may have lost a child. Tune in to hear how Teddy was with us during this recording.

Emily and I also chat about:

  • The power of connecting with others, even from a distance
  • Having a pregnancy after the death of a child
  • Our experiences with midwives and doulas
  • How to hold space for both grief and joy
  • Our most loved Spiritual practices to promote healing and peace in our lives

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Ep 7: Child Loss, Grief, and Spirituality with Emily Lindsey
Mommy Diary, The Podcast. Episode 7: Child loss, Grief & spirituality

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