50 New Year’s Resolution For Tired Moms

new-years-resolution-for-moms-women-inspiration-quotes-2017With just a few days left in the year, this is the perfect time for another New Year’s resolution. So you failed last year? Don’t worry. Here are 50 practical and simple resolutions that can make a lasting impact in the new year.

  1. Start each day with positive intention
  2. Don’t compare yourself to other moms
  3. Know you can’t have it all
  4. Eat healthy 80% of the time
  5. Drink more water
  6. Laugh more
  7. Worry less
  8. Don’t try to do too much
  9. Stretch daily
  10. Buy fresh flowers
  11. Make a bucket list
  12. Replace “I should” with “I get to”
  13. Try not to control your kids
  14. Ask for help
  15. Dig up old dreams
  16. Learn the listening prayer
  17. Read articles you don’t agree with
  18. Hire cleaners
  19. Get more active
  20. Take up a hobby
  21. Learn photography
  22. Go to bed earlier
  23. Stay present
  24. Keep a dream journal
  25. Declutter drawers
  26. Practice daily gratitude
  27. Donate old toys and clothes
  28. Be creative
  29. Use more coupons
  30. Call your parents or grandparents more
  31. Connect with nature
  32. Forgive at least one person
  33. Plan a date night
  34. Start therapy or read a self-help book
  35. Join a non-profit organization
  36. Listen to your favorite old school jam
  37. Save $100 a month for a vacation
  38. Document more
  39. Buy something you really want
  40. Be patient
  41. Hug harder
  42. Finish a project
  43. Read a spiritual book
  44. Try a new hairstyle
  45. Match with your kids
  46. Buy something in your favorite color
  47. Create an inspiration board
  48. Start a garden
  49. Plan a road trip
  50. Grow

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