Why I’m Starting A Podcast

Mommy Diary The Podcast

Mommy Diary, The Podcast is launching June 1, 2020.

Today marks the official announcement of my next big soul project: Mommy Diary, The Podcast!

I began my blog 6 years ago simply because I wanted to connect. After quitting my teaching job and becoming a full time stay-at-home mom of two kids, I was at a low point in my life. I went through postpartum depression, took antidepressants, got off antidepressants, then had to manage the daily struggles of raising a daughter with a genetic condition. Life felt hard but I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel because I was now strengthened through my experiences in motherhood.

With no job (I had to quit my beloved teaching job because I couldn’t find childcare for my special needs child), no income (I hated not having my own source of income), two kids who needed me every minute of the day but this undying NEED to create, I started my blog, Mommy Diary.

I wrote in it regularly in between raising my kids because it kept me creative. I loved sharing photos of my kids, posting to Instagram and connecting with other moms. And I loved how authentic it was to my daily life, that my public and personal persona were the same person. So I took it one day at a time and remembered to show up every single day even when I felt tired, stressed or uninspired.

One day became one week, one week became one month, one month became one year and little by little my brand & community began to grow.

I always knew it was time for me to take that next step for my community.

But I wasn’t sure what. I always dreamed of writing a book so I thought it was that. I would sit down in front of my laptop to write but nothing would come to be naturally. The creative gods were silent.

Then one day I was cleaning the floor when an inner voice spoke to me.

“Start a podcast.”

I thought huh? what?

Ignored it and continued to clean my floor. But this inner voice, this inner knowing, got louder and louder and I knew I had to move to action.

I remembered seeing one of my assistants posting something on Facebook about her new business launch of helping others begin a podcast. I hopped on a call with her and asked what I needed to begin. 

And get this. I already had EVERYTHING I needed to record a podcast in my closet! I had a microphone I purchased awhile back for a campaign and headphones that I received as a gift that I never used. With a microphone, headset, a laptop and podcast manager already in place, I was ready to go.

I believe that when things are meant to be they just start working themselves out. I feel so aligned with this. I’m not exactly sure where this journey will take me. But it doesn’t matter because I TRUST THE JOURNEY and I KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING.

So there you have it! This is my why- it just happened. And I’m following the guidance of the Universe, God, whatever you like to call it- the source.

First Season

In the first season, I’m going to begin by sharing where my journey started. Pregnancy, baby, postpartum, marriage, raising a special needs child and how I found healing through spirituality, therapy and self-care. I’ll also invite guests who can shed light on the various issues by offering their expert advice.

For season two, I’ll be discussing more about women & business and how to follow your soul purpose to build a soul driven business.

I already have the entire season outlined and I’m so excited to bring it to life. Please provide any suggestions or feedback you have for my new journey, I’d love to hear!

As always, thank you for being here, for your friendship, your support and for allowing me to be a lending voice to the community. Stay tuned for an updated website with a podcast page!

I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mommy Diary The Podcast

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