How to Organize Baby Clothes

There are few things more perfectly adorable than a baby. The next best thing may be the sweet outfits that you put them in. As tiny as they may be, baby clothing items add up quickly and can create a bigger mess than you’d ever imagine. If you don’t have a system to organize baby clothes, the dresser and closet in your little one’s nursery can seem endlessly cluttered. Let’s be real, the last thing you need to worry about as a mom with a baby is stress caused by mounds of baby clothes! This post will offer some tips on how to stay on top of keeping your baby’s wardrobe tidy. 

How to Organize Baby Clothes

6 Tips on How To Organize Baby Clothes 

Organize by size

There’s a good chance that you will have a ton of new baby clothes as well as a sea of hand-me-downs from relatives and friends. The first step in organizing baby clothes is to sort them all by size. 

Group by clothing item 

In addition to sorting by size, I recommend sorting by type of clothing. Determine where you want each of these items to be housed and stick to it. For example, perhaps you want all your onesies to be in the dresser. Adding drawer dividers in the dresser drawers will make things even more organized. Baby dresses and shirts are items that you may prefer to hang in the closet.

Add an extra closet rail

When organized properly, baby clothes don’t take up a ton of space. You can double your closet hanging space by getting an additional closet rail from Home Depot or Amazon, which will then allow you to hang clothes on the top and bottom of the closet. 

Use door storage and baskets for loose items

Utilizing various parts of your closet is an easy way to organize baby clothes, shoes, and other loose items. You can find a cloth or plastic shoe organizer at the dollar store to conveniently store baby shoes. Place a cute set of baskets on the very top rack of the closet to house loose items such as hair accessories, hats, burp clothes, baby socks, etc. 

Label everything

Labeling everything is the cherry on top of organization. Using a label maker, I mark dresser drawers and baskets to show where everything goes. I love to have my children help me put clothes away. It’s an appropriate chore for almost any age. When everything is labeled, my children and my husband never need to ask me where something goes! 

Have a plan for storing out-grown clothes

We all know how quickly time goes by, and our babies seem to grow so fast. That means they are constantly outgrowing clothes and need new ones filtered in. One of the most sure-fire ways to keep baby clothes organized is to keep up with these changes. 

When your baby is ready to move up a clothing size, wash and fold all clothes that they’ve grown out of, place them in a labeled stackable bin, and have a designated place to store them. Keeping it organized as you go will make it so much easier when you need to rummage through your stash to lend clothes to another expecting mommy (or when you’re ready for another baby!).

Things You’ll Need To Organize Baby Clothes

How to Organize Baby Clothes

Baskets are my go-to for organizing baby clothes. The possibilities are endless with various sizes, shapes, and colors available. Odds and ends that don’t belong in the dresser or hanging in a closet, such as baby blankets, are good choices to keep in a basket. Baskets also add to the design decor of the nursery. You can check out some of the baskets and bins I used in my gender-neutral nursery post

Closet dividers 

Closet dividers are a lifesaver. If you haven’t used them, they are a small hanger labeled with the baby’s clothing size. This makes hanging up clothes and finding clothes a simple task. Some affordable options are found here and here.

Drawer dividers

Serving a similar purpose as closet dividers, these are dividers that go in dresser drawers. Drawer dividers are wonderful for a pair of socks, onesies, and even bibs. They will come in handy during all stages of your child’s life. This is a set from Amazon that I like. 

Label maker

Don’t forget an important piece of organizing: label everything! Use a label maker such as this one to make it known where every piece of clothing belongs.

Whether you have a baby on the way or have already passed the newborn stage, it’s always a good idea to have a system for organizing baby clothes that works for you. Let me know all your secrets to organizing clothes in the comments below! 

How to Organize Baby Clothes

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