How to Decorate for Fall Season

Fall is my absolute favorite season. In LA, the weather is pretty much always nice, but I love that it gets slightly cooler in the autumn months. Fall is a time of transition between summer and the holiday season when the temperature is just right. It’s the season of pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin everything.

Fall is a great time to create a cozy indoor ambiance for your home. The natural warm colors of browns, creams, burnt orange, and mustard yellow portray an inviting home and are my favorite color combinations. If you’re on social media at all, your feed is most likely filled with beautiful photos of moms decorating their homes, and I one hundred percent share in their excitement!

Today I’m sharing some inspiration on how to decorate for Fall season. 

How to Decorate for Fall Season

How To Decorate For Fall Season

There are endless opportunities for Fall decor in each space of your home. Focus on bringing natural outdoor elements inside, such as pumpkins, guards, pine cones, fall flowers, leaves, and wheat. A touch of decoration here and there will do. Once you’ve gathered some staple decorations, you’ll be able to use them over and over again. 

Front door

Your front door is an easy place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed with decorating. Try using decorative items such as wreaths, hay barrels, pumpkins of various sizes and colors, and fall flowers. Mums are the most common, and you can find them at your local Home Depot or Lowes in colors like orange, yellow, and red. A fun door mat is the finishing touch. I love this welcoming space that has been created by @uffelmanomestead


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 How cute is this doormat that @kelly.rainwater posted on her feed? 


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Dining room

To decorate for the Fall season in your dining room, the focus will be on your dining table. There are many ways to create a beautiful fall themed centerpiece. If you have a rectangular dining table, try a natural textured runner with fall elements in the middle of various sizes. 


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Living room

If you have a coffee table, I find this the best place to add a touch of fall. It doesn’t take much to give your living room a cozy feeling. I love how @humblebee79 uses white pumpkins as a way to bring autumn into her living room. Of course a fall-scented candle like pumpkin spice or apple pie adds to the ambiance. Check out places like Home Goods or Pottery Barn for seasonal throw pillow options to dress up your couch. 


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Shelves or mantle 

If you have a fireplace mantle, or shelves around your home, these are the perfect places to add more decorations. Isn’t this shelf styling by @the.beautyrevival just beautiful? I love the Earthy colors she chose.


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Fall Decor Essentials

To build your collection of fall decor items, start with basics that you can mix and match from year to year. 

Throw pillows

I recommend buying a set of throw pillows that you can switch out covers for depending on the season. 

Pine Cones 

Pine cones are a fun decoration item because they can be sprinkled throughout various arrangements in your home. You can add them to a table centerpiece, or on a shelf or mantle. 


Fall flowers

You can purchase real fall flowers for your front porch from places such as Home Depot, Lowes, or even a grocery store. For indoors, investing in some artificial flowers will allow you to use them year after year. Stick with colors such as yellow, red, orange, and brown. Wheat is a beautiful element you can add to a bunch of flowers or alone in a vase. 

White pumpkins

White pumpkins are my favorite way to decorate for Fall season. Mixing and matching different sizes together creates a nice arrangement anywhere around your home. If you enjoy having fresh flowers in your home, you can buy real white pumpkins, carve out the middle, and place a flower arrangement inside. It makes the perfect dining table centerpiece. 



Blankets are a unique way to add to the fall ambiance, because they are items that you can have around your home all year long. What’s more “Fall” than a warm chunky blanket? To fit the autumn theme, opt for colors such as mustard yellow, maroon, navy blue, brown, or ivory. 


There are so many wonderful scents that go with Fall. Even if you live in a place that’s warm year round, like LA or Texas, you can still bring the feel of Fall into your home with a good candle, don’t you agree?

Door mats

Door mats with cute Fall sayings have been very popular for the past couple years. If you aren’t much of a decorator, this is a simple way to add Fall to your home with minimal effort. Another popular style is layering two door mats with a larger patterned mat underneath a solid smaller mat. 


Switching out wreaths on your front door is such a quick way to add seasonal decor to your home. Pro tip: for easy wreath storage, simple hang hooks in your garage!


Even if you are not an avid home decorator, I hope this post gave you some inspiration on how to decorate for the Fall season. I believe that creating spaces that make you feel good when you walk into them can lift your spirits! What is your favorite way to decorate for Fall? Let me know in the comments!

If Christmas decor is already on your mind, check out this post. 

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