Five Tips For Raising Siblings In Different Age Range

I’m excited to share my latest article for Healthline about 5 tips for raising siblings in different age range.

Like I often discuss, parenting is never simple or black and white. Babies and kids are unpredictable by nature. Perfection is overrated and we need to embrace the chaos in order to be happy parents in happy homes.

Here are the five topics I cover in this article.

1. Be flexible and know it won’t be perfect

2. Educate yourself about different stages

3. Teach older kids understanding and empathy

4. Set aside one-on-one time

5. Instill core family values

Whether you’re thinking about adding a new baby to the family or wondering when it’s too late to have another baby (it’s never too late!) be sure to check out this latest article! Thank you for reading.


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5 thoughts on “Five Tips For Raising Siblings In Different Age Range

  1. These are some great tips. I have four kids and my oldest is 8 years older than my youngest. Teaching her understanding and patience made things a lot easier. Especially during the times when her siblings wanted to do the same things over and over again.

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