Subscription Box for Tweens: Monday Sparkles

Do you remember your tween years? This is right around the time when my memory becomes clearer, when friends, activities and things became more important. I remember joining the monthly subscription book club of The Baby Sitters Club and receiving cute little items like notepads, pencils and posters. I also remember joyfully collecting them in my treasure box full of personal goodies.

Now as a mother of two tween daughters, I still look back to these years with a sense of warmth and nostalgia. My tween years (ages 8-12) were full of great memories with friends, hobbies and fun, and I want to pass on the same kind of joyous memories to my daughters.

Because I understand the importance of these years on my daughters’ mental, psychological and emotional development, I want to instill in them values like self-confidence, ownership and empathy so they can continue to navigate their expanding worlds with intent and courage. I also want to fulfill their needs for fun, creative and girly things because I remember how much these things brought me joy when I was their age.

What is Monday Sparkles?

Today I want to share with you a subscription box company named Monday Sparkles that reminds me of my own tween years. Monday Sparkles was founded by my two mommy friends named Fanny and Patricia and the passion and inspiration behind this brand are worth spreading. The mission of Monday Sparkles is to help tweens celebrate the power of positivity and bring earth, love, and sparkle into their lives with each subscription box.

To teach tweens the value of giving back, Monday Sparkles donates $1 to a charity or other selected organization for each subscription. Each tween customer or SparkleTribe, gets to decide which organization the donations go to by recommendation and nomination.

Each carefully curated box contains various items that focus on each theme. For example, the box for the month of September is curated around the theme of Back-to-school. My 11 and 9 year old daughters loved opening this box and seeing each item that is especially put together for girls just like them.


Why Tweens?

These preadolescent “tween” years can be difficult and confusing for girls because it marks the in-between period during which they are no longer a kid but not yet a teenager. It also signals the beginning of blossoming friendships, sleepovers and interest in self-care and self-image. Their understanding of the world is expanding, yet still innocent, vibrant and fun.

I love the idea of celebrating this very special time of a tween girl’s life with these thoughtful subscription boxes. This month’s Back-to-school box contains the following items.

  • Ottilie and Lulu Face wipes
  • musing compact mirror that says “Happy girls are the prettiest”
  • unicorn earbuds (one of their favorites)
  • decorative patches for their shoes, backpacks, shirts, etc.
  • decorative pins
  • two cute pouches (one for each sister!)
  • Annie’s Organic Chocolate Chip granola bars
  • “how do you feel” poster


As you can see, the contents are thoughtfully curated and artfully put together. I love the little personalized touches like the colorful confetti in the “how do you feel” poster container. Each item is unique, functional, useful and most importantly something any tween will enjoy.

The founders understand this age group well, and every item brought a huge smile and excitement to my girls’ faces. As my daughters were unboxing, I was impressed with how well their needs and anticipations were met. It felt like Christmas in middle of September and I would love to repeat this experience for my daughters.

So what do you think? Would you like to try Monday Sparkles for your own tween daughter?

Monday Sparkles is a subscription box that delivers 4 times a year. One year subscription is $140 and each box is $35.

You can find more information about Monday Sparkles on their website, Facebook and Instagram. If you like what you see, please vote for Monday Sparkles on Red Tricycle and follow their social media channels!

Thank you Monday Sparkles for sending these adorable subscription boxes for my tweens and making them a part of your SparkleTribe.
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