Wildfield Maternity Session

Joanna is a dear friend of mine- a beautiful mother of four children. We knew each other since elementary school and led parallel lives in many ways. We both got married in our early 20’s, had our two daughters back to back then had our third child, a baby boy.


Our husbands are good friends, our daughters are like sisters and her husband is my son’s Godfather. We attended church together as children and served as volunteers for an all women’s retreat as adults. We prayed together and talked countless hours.

I view our friendship as a special gift and blessing from God that will continue to grow.


When I found out that she is pregnant with her 4th child, I knew she would be too busy to plan a maternity shoot for herself. That’s how we mothers are, doing everything for our kids and not enough for ourselves.

So I told her I’ll take photos for her and capture this beautiful time of her life. I’m glad she agreed, because these photos speak volumes of her maternal beauty, sacrifice and love for her children.



We decided to do the photoshoot at an open field by my house. We picked flowers from my backyard. I love how natural and organic everything looks and how her different smiles portray various emotions of motherhood such as calm, peace, gratitude as well as joy and carefree laughter.


It’s hard to tell from these photos but it began to rain right when we were scouting locations. It was on and off rain, the kind that leaves some parts of the sky gray and other parts blue.

During some moments of the shoot, Joanna had a somber and nostalgic look on her face, like in these photos. As I was editing the photos I felt these photos need to be processed in black and white. I’m not quite sure why, but I felt that grainy film-like black and white photos will best depict the reflective and prayerful look on her face.

In some moments she reminded me of her mother, another beautiful and pious woman I saw as a kid.


Joanna later told me that this day was actually her late father’s birthday, and that he loved the rain. She says the rain comforted her and made her feel like her father was right there with her during the shoot. I believe he was present with us that day, showering his daughter and granddaughter from the heavens with lots of love, blessings and protection.


Thank you Joanna for allowing me to capture your 4th pregnancy. You are a beautiful woman inside out and such an inspirational mother. I’m blessed to call you my friend.


If you’d like to request a maternity session, please email me at angela@mommy-diary.com. I’m available in LA, OC and IE areas (So Cal) depending on my schedule. Please know that I have limited availability due to running this blog and raising my three children. But photography brings me so much joy and I love capturing special motherhood moments through photos. I hope we can work something out if you like my style! I look forward to hearing from you.Ā 




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